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11 must-see lesbian and bi small films you can watch on YouTube nowadays

Emily Bashforth shares her favorite queer lady flicks


Whenever Hollywood doesn’t represent the LGBTQ+ people within their blockbusters, independent filmmakers go upon themselves to do the job on their behalf. YouTube houses lots of LGBTQ+ brief films, which could sometimes build your edges divide from laughter, their sight sting from rips of sadness or your cardio enlarge regarding pure appreciation. Lots of YouTube’s best LGBTQ+ quick flicks aren’t usually because of the popularity they need. So, we’ve curated a list for you of some of the website’s greatest lesbian and bisexual short movies, which you can binge-watch your heart’s content. These small films, created by tiny yet skilled filmmakers, has gorgeous girl-on-girl stories and are heart-warming, often heartbreaking, depictions of LGBTQ+ enjoy. Oh, and additionally they don’t portray LGBTQ+ ladies in damaging or stereotypical approaches! Therefore, what are your waiting for? Grab some popcorn, place your feet up-and bring viewing…


The Two of Us says to the sad facts of two ladies whose partnership might restricted to an isolated cabin inside the wilderness. After harbouring their own fascination with one another, from society’s attention, for a long time, Sophia provides the desire to declare their particular link to society, Amanda, however, was scared of coming out. This will leave girls at a crossroads, and finally, forced to make an arduous choice. Us is such an attractive, yet sad, depiction of a hidden lesbian commitment. It perfectly portrays both the joy and soreness that accompany keeping anything so unique, thus secret and, unfortuitously, is actually a scenario a lot of LGBTQ+ people will relate to.

It’s Okay

This brief movie completely describes the problems all unnecessary school girls face when dealing with their very own personality they create a crush. It’s ok targets the barriers you can deal with whenever sense unclear about their unique sexuality, such possible rejection from family and friends customers. It shows the problems and annoyed suppressing the real self results in and, ultimately, acts as a reminder to any individual in a similar situation that who you are is totally absolutely nothing to be embarrassed of.


Whenever their unique school shuttle doesn’t appear, Lucy and Jamie become compelled to make own means there. In the process, they find that they’ve got more in keeping than they first realised. This simple but efficient short movie is a good instance of the love that accompany are younger and achieving very first female crush.


Depending around the song SHE by Dodie, this spine-chillingly spectacular queer short film uses sounds, maybe not discussion, to portray the nearness of two close friends and explore the innocence of these connect. But, whenever an urgent kiss disrupts a sleepover, will they split aside or develop nearer together? The beauty of this film lies in the reality that it says to these types of a proper story utilizing so few terms. It truly do tugs about heart-strings.

Quickly Minds

Quick minds uses two women who fulfill by accident at a roadside and spend a whirlwind week-end in each other’s providers. This short movies increases slowly then climax appear all at once. Before you know it, it is over and you’re remaining holding on for more. Fast minds try powerful, because of the poignant silences within characters. The filming is killer, as well. The thing that makes this movie so special try just how interesting it is. Sparks fly and miracle is manufactured such a brief and nice period of time. It puts things great in palm of hand and makes their cardio feeling cozy, even if it’s eliminated from you.


If small films with a-twist are your thing, you’ll fancy Unspoken. When Emily fight to fit in along with her ‘popular girl’ roommate, appointment Morgan simply what she demands. Morgan gets an in depth pal and somebody she can consult with. She actually is additionally a person who aids Emily on the way to discovering by herself. But when Emily ultimately plucks in the nerve to inform Morgan just how she seems, will the enjoy feel reciprocated? Emily’s innocence and intimidating passion for Morgan is what makes this movie so touching. In the event points don’t end rather the way you anticipate or wish these to, Unspoken is an important note to any or all folks to inform the folks we worry about the way we sense as soon as we experience the chances.

An Exclusive Point

A lady comes back to this lady rural hometown to check out the girl family members, from whom she hides the truth that she is a lesbian. But, whenever the girl outgoing mate defends their sweetheart and declares her own sexuality, it has devastating consequences. This wonderful short movies perfectly examines an abuse of confidence, the sickening facts LGTBQ+ ladies deal with every single day exclusively for are who they really are and recognises that many of them don’t get a happy ending. As heart-shattering as A Private material is actually, it will likewise making anyone’s heart explosion with it’s gorgeous depiction with the youthful couple’s unity and fascination with each other during a dreadful energy.

The Perhaps Not Bucket Record

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A young lesbian pair certainly live in an admiration ripple. They have the world at her ft and the rest of their own everyday lives ahead of all of them, or at least they wish they performed. Whenever tragedy hits, Madison requires it upon by herself to keep living their lifetime, not only for herself, but for Lily as well. This brief film keeps a distinctive storyline and is a great illustration of offering the viewers a glimpse into some thing beautiful then snatching they from them once they the very least expect it. But, the viewers still is remaining rooting for appreciate throughout. This charming movie should be on everyone’s (maybe not) container record to look at.

Morgan is actually unclear about her sexuality. She thinks she’s directly but, when dared to kiss most readily useful pal Sarah at a party, the woman misunderstandings is amplified. But, there’s difficulty, Sarah try dating Nick – a boy – and Morgan is quite certain that the lady thinking for Sarah are just one-sided. When an intoxicated Sarah confesses to Morgan that her connection is not since best as individuals believe, they prompts Morgan to dicuss down too. What makes this film so great is actually just how accurate it really is. Numerous young girls feel identity distress and many bring crushes on their girl family also, very you’ll most likely come across some comfort whenever seeing this, understanding Morgan is going through same thing.

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