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David V. Tinder was born in Lima, Kansas, in 1926, and gone to live in Flint, Michigan, as a child.

He offered in the United States Navy as a digital technician’s lover until he was honorably discharged in July of 1946. Dave Tinder attended Flint Junior college or university for starters season before shifting for the University of Michigan, which given him a Bachelor of research amount in Physics in 1949.

Tinder spent most their job as a job professional and manufacturing manager to new service developing within the Detroit place. He struggled to obtain suppliers and motor vehicle manufacturers including Dura firm, McCord enterprise, and United engineering. Tinder created a lot of winning services might issued sixteen united states of america patents plus a variety in international nations. Dave Tinder retired from United Technologies, Automotive items unit in 1990.

Tinder began gathering collectibles into the belated 1950s, beginning with leaded glass lamps, artwork windows and ceramics, Art Nouveau pewter, and Japanese bronzes. Motivated by William C. Darrah’s 1964 book A History of Stereographs in the usa and Their range, the guy amassed a large group of international photographic music horizon. Of the very early 70s the guy started dealing his international collection for Michigan stereo horizon and various other early photographic formats regarding Michigan. Ultimately this could incorporate examples of nearly all preferred photo format employed by both specialist and amateurish photographers in the 1st century of picture taking.

Tinder became increasingly contemplating the lives and jobs in the professional photographers symbolized within his collection and began producing The Directory of very early Michigan Photographers. The blend of his range and research has triggered their popularity once the respected power on the subject of early Michigan photographer.

Range Story

The David V. Tinder assortment of Michigan photos is constructed of over 100,000 imagery in many different forms such as daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, cartes de visite, case pictures, actual pic postcards, stereographs, and attached and unmounted papers designs. The range is actually mostly composed of vernacular photos of everyday life in Michigan used by both expert and recreational photographers from 1840s in to the mid-twentieth century. As well as supporting local background studies, the range enjoys methods for any learn of specific events and topics. Incorporated is artwork pertaining to lumbering; mining; suburbanization; the industrialization of metropolises; trips and transportation; the influence from the car; an upswing of middle-class entertainment people; manner and outfit; ethnicity and battle; the character of fraternal businesses in people; therefore the involvement of photographers in operation, residential, and personal life. The collection is only partially available for study.


Tinder, David V. Index of Early Michigan Professional Photographers. Edited by Clayton Lewis. Ann Arbor: William L. Clements Library, 2013. This guide jobs contains biographical information on nearly all known advertisement and considerable amateurish photographer during the county of Michigan from the first known looks when you look at the 1840s to the early twentieth-century.

Discovering Aids

The David V. Tinder assortment of Michigan photographer is actually planned mainly by photo style, and arranged possibly by geographical location, photographer, or subject contents. Because of the number of the collection, individual choosing helps explain each photographic structure or subsection for the collection.

Series I. Cased Imagery

Cased daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes. Mostly portraiture with some special topics. Day may include 1840s-1860s. Approx. 95 things. Finding Help.

Show II. Cartes de Visite/card photographs

Alphabetized by professional photographer with special-interest topics sorted independently. Comprised primarily of studio portraiture. Contains tiny cdv size tintypes. Date range from 1860-1900. Approx. 13,000 products. Finding Aid.

Series III. Stereographs

Sorted by district, place-name, photographer and/or author, with a few a couple of special sets include grouped independently. Composed mostly of backyard opinions. Day start around 1859-1920. More or less 6500 things. NOT PRESENTLY START FOR ANALYSIS.

Series IV. Cupboard Photo

Alphabetized by professional photographer with special interest topics arranged separately. Made up mostly of business portraiture. Day may include 1868-1900. Approx. 19,000 notes. Locating Help.

Series V. Region File

Series VI. Over-Sized Document

Sorted by subject. Consists of large credit installed images and unmounted paper images. Contains opinions of spots, happenings, neighborhood moments, party portraits, Cirkut cam panoramas. Also includes samples of fine art photography by contemporary Michigan professional photographers understood directly for the enthusiast, David V. Tinder. Go out selection 1860s-1980s. 454 stuff. NOT PRESENTLY OPEN FOR STUDY.

Show VII. Photographers File

Alphabetized by photographer. Located in ring binders, roughly 24 binders representing over 800 professional photographers. Contains both earliest and replica image portraits of professional photographers, vista of gallery storefronts and interiors, photos of photographers in the field, and advertising trials. Approx. 1,800 products. NOT PRESENTLY START FOR ANALYSIS.

Collection VIII. Actual picture postcards

Alphabetized by Michigan region, place name, and subject matter. All 83 Michigan areas is represented. Big date array 1906-1950s. Approx. 50,000 postcards. never PRESENTLY OPEN FOR RESEARCH.

Show IX. Photo albums and photographically illustrated e-books

In chronological purchase. Contains both professional and amateur photo albums, carte-de-visite albums, vacation stuff, college records, posted courses, memento viewbooks, and pamphlets with photographic dish illustrations. Big date number 1860s-1970s. 96 products. never PRESENTLY START FOR STUDY.

Series X. Framed pictures

Photo prints in vintage decorative frames or publishing structures useful for revealing contact images. NOT PRESENTLY START FOR RESEARCH.

Collection XI. Little platforms

Smaller installed prints, unmounted pictures, tintypes, mini souvenir portfolios. NOT PRESENTLY OPEN FOR DATA.

Series XII. Detroit Writing Business

Process associated types of mass produced lithographic images and postcard creation and advertising. NOT PRESENTLY OPEN FOR STUDIES.

Show XIII. Henry Stephens Lumber Team

Archive materials like files, photos, and imprinted advertising advice. never PRESENTLY OPEN FOR INVESTIGATION.

Series XIV. Ebony Lake lumbering photos

Mounted albumen designs circa 1880s of lumbering operations in Alcona County, Michigan. 16 items. Finding Aid.

Series source site XV. C.C. Buskirk Railroad Photos

Railway locomotives, lumber camps, transfer of logs via truck and railway in several Michigan counties all photographed by C.C Buskirk of Big Rapids. Big date number 1885-1939. 7 things. NOT PRESENTLY OPEN FOR ANALYSIS.

Collection XVI. Owen Fawcett theatrical photographs

Pictures associated with Brit born star, Owen Fawcett (1838-1904) and his families. 41 products. Finding Help.

Series XVII. Objects and realia

Little things and realia linked to Michigan picture taking. NOT PRESENTLY START FOR STUDIES.

Collection XVIII. Cup glide and negatives


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An array of pictures from the David V. Tinder range happen digitized and are also for sale in the Clements Library graphics lender.

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